T379 Shield Sid Dickens Tegel

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T379  Shield Sid Dickens Tegel

Armoured plates,
A balance between beauty 
And strength within.

The seas have captured the imagination of artists ever since they were first mapped in Medieval times. Drawn from the water's depths, Sid Dickens charts a course for adventure with the new limited edition Seven Seas Collection.

Echoing memories of summers spent aboard his father's commercial fishing vessel, the sea and its mysteries have flowed naturally into Sid's art over the years.  These nautical pieces are characterized by richly detailed organic textures, patterns, and the studies of animals great and small.  Inspired by his discovery of blue and white porcelain shards on the beaches of The Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii), Sid included elements of blue and white to represent his sense of wonder about the origins of these small fragments of history.

This nautical themed collection is a tribute to the vast magic and mystery found in our world's precious oceans and are an invitation to set sail, explore, and treasure the memories you find on the shore. Each of these seven new designs represents an aspect of the wonders waiting to be discovered in the world's vast underwater ecosystem of life for those curious enough to dive into it.


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