RLE18-04 Sid Dickens Tegel Limited Edition

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RLE18-04 Sid Dickens Tegel Limited Edition

Limited Edition 2018

Tile No:  RLE18-04


Fruits borne of strong and noble trees; full of life, signifying prosperity.

This is an In-Store Exclusive Memory Block.

About This Collection


Sid Dickens Limited Edition Collection


Each year, Sid hosts an annual event at his studio in Vancouver where collectors are invited to come purchase their favourite Memory Blocks and meet Sid. During this annual event, Sid has limited edition pieces available for purchase. These are Memory Blocks that he had been working on throughout the year but never made it into an official release. In the past few years, Sid has also extended this tradition to online for avid collectors who are unable to make it to Vancouver for his annual event.


For 2018, Sid has designed 24 Limited Edition Memory Blocks available online only. These Memory Blocks represent his love for nature and beautiful images that denote a bygone era. Sid continues to inspire us with images that illicit an emotion or thought that we can relate to, or simply allow us to enjoy the image for its beauty. These Memory Blocks are limited to 100 pieces per style.


In addition, Sid has decided this year to release a special collection of four Limited Editions available exclusively through our retailers world-wide. There will only be 300 of each retail exclusive designs. Contact your local retailer to see and purchase these special designs.


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