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This is a special edition Memory Block commemorating 25 years of Sid Dickens Inc.

About This Collection

Sid Dickens began his creative journey with the Memory Blocks 25 years ago. After working mostly with large sculptures, he found the perfect medium for his expression with 6” x 8” blocks. The Memory Block format has allowed Sid to create art that was both accessible and interactive for his audience.


Many tile designs have come and gone from the collection over the years. To honour the 25th Anniversary of Memory Blocks, Sid has chosen to resurrect six of his favourite designs. After being discontinued from the collection for years, Sid has re-imagined these older pieces to compliment his current aesthetic, while still celebrating the original design.


Available exclusively in stores for a limited time, contact your local retailer to purchase these re-envisioned favourites and join us in celebrating 25 years of Memory Blocks.




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