Long Bay Stripe Pillow Cover 60x60 kussenhoes Riviera Maison 366740

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Long Bay Stripe Pillow Cover 60x60 Riviera Maison 366740

Long Bay Stripe Pillow Cover 60x60

  1. Width in cm: 60
  2. Length in cm: 60
  3. Material: cotton
  4. Care: Hand-washable
  5. Type: Accessory


This white pillow has a deep blue piping and a slightly coarse woven structure, making it just a tad more masculine. The back of the cushion cover has cheerful stripes with the quote 'happiness is the new luxury' in the corner. The Long Bay series include various types of cushions, nice to be combined.

Articlenr. 366740

Exclusive cushion covers with a fresh design, for a nice atmosphere in your home. Enjoy the best moments on the couch with the soft, high-quality cushion covers.

Our pillow covers are available in different sizes, such as 50x50 for the large square cushions, 50x30 for the elongated cushions and other sizes to add more variety. Whatever your preference, with the handmade cushion covers from Rivièra Maison you always choose a stylish and elegant accessory for the couch or bed.

Use the cushion covers to add color accents to your interior or have a nice color on the wall in a subtle way. You can combine different cushions for a varied whole with which you can easily let the interior sparkle a bit more. Do you like rural and fun? Then you always make the right choice with our pillow covers.

With the cushion covers you can easily give the pillows that you have on the couch or on your bed a fresh look. Choose a handmade crocheted cushion cover with a beautiful country look or go for example for the pink cushion cover and the decorative cushions in green. Whatever your style and color, at Rivièra Maison we ensure that you can order the best pillow covers.

Cushion covers for your pillow
You simply put the cushion covers around your cushion, so that you can give it a different look every time. The cushion covers in 60x60 are suitable for large cushions, for example on the bed and on the lounge sofa, while you can use the cushion covers in 50x50 and other sizes in smaller corners or on a relaxed chair. View the different cushion covers in black and white or in various colors, with which you can easily ensure that a beautiful country or other style is created.

At Rivièra Maison you will find an extensive range with more than 3,000 products, all self-designed and, as we call it, Perfectly Imperfect. We make the cushion covers, other accessories and furniture by hand, which means that there are small deviations that provide that little bit of extra character.

Tip: in addition to the cushion covers from our range, also view the cushion fillings that you can order with it. Curious about the rest of our range? Then view everything in the field of cushions and textiles.

Which size cushion cover do I need?
Do you doubt between the cushion cover in size 60x60, the cushion covers in size 50x50 or one of the other sizes? Look carefully at the size of the cushion filling or measure it yourself. It concerns the total length of the cushion and the width of the cushion when you put it down. Measure the length and width so that you can purchase one of the decorative cushion covers in the right size based on that.

Whether you choose a crocheted cushion cover, a pink cushion cover or the decorative cushions in green and other colors: with our pillow covers you always choose handmade and the highest possible quality. They are exclusive cushion covers for a wonderful atmosphere in your home.

Buy online cushion covers
You can easily buy the pillow covers online, you will find a large part of the new collection of pillow covers in our webshop. Combine multiple colors and feel for yourself why we are so proud of our materials? Then come to our store Jolijt. View the cushion covers, mix & match or ask our specialists questions about the materials or the combination of different colors.

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