Rustic Rattan Tea Bags Organiser L Riviera Maison 401050

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Rustic Rattan Tea Bags Organiser L Riviera Maison 401050


Rustic Rattan Tea Bags Organiser L

  1. Width in cm: 15.5
  2. Height in cm: 8.5
  3. Length in cm: 31
  4. Material: rattan
  5. Type: Accessory

Product information

This rattan basket for tea bags is handmade in Indonesia. The box has ten compartments, providing more than enough space for all your favourite teas. On the box the word 'tea' is displayed in rattan, and the Rivièra Maison logo is attached as a label to it.

Articlenr. 401050

Wooden, wicker and other large tea boxes. Of luxury quality, for a delicious cup of tea and a good cup of coffee. To start the day or to relax in the afternoon. For a nice moment to be together or to enjoy the beautiful moments of life for yourself.

Enjoy white with a luxurious tea box with a delicious cup of tea in your favorite taste. Beautiful products from beautiful materials, always of the best quality. Easy to buy online from us in the web store and just like in our store throughout the Netherlands. For example, to combine the tea boxes and coffee boxes immediately with the other great items and accessories.

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View the coffee capsule holders from our range, as well as the nice tea boxes to present all tastes clearly. So you can always make a good choice from the delicious types of coffee and tea. For example wooden and wicker tea boxes, just like luxury capsule holders for the coffee you want to make. View our extensive range and make your choice at your leisure, or come to our stores.

Capsule holders: enrichment for the countertop
The capsule holders are the ideal choice on the counter, next to the coffee machine that you have. To present all capsules in a clear way. Per type, per taste or simply in the way that suits the colors best.

View the Tea Boxes and Coffee Organizers, so you can see at a glance what you have and what types of coffee or tea you have to buy to replenish. Beautiful tea boxes and coffee capsule holders, easy to order online.

Buy tea box or coffee box
Buy one of the wooden or wicker tea boxes? Or buy one of the coffee boxes? That is easy online, directly in our web store and would you rather visit us for that? You are most welcome at our shop in Jolijt. View our beautiful products for coffee and tea there, or combine them directly with the other accessories from our collection.

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