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The Rivièra Maison Catena duvet cover consists of various horizontal strips. Thanks to the different prints and patterns, the Catena cover has a modern, elegant look. The lanes have alternate graphic print, where the colors sand and black come together nicely on the white background. The back of the duvet cover also has a graphic design, or a subtle black checkered pattern on a sand-colored background. This print also appears on the pillowcases. The Rivièra Maison branding is only briefly reflected in the print in the letters RM.

The Rivièra Maison Catena duvet cover is made of 100% cotton. This pleasant fabric is of high quality. Cotton is known for its good ventilating and moisture-absorbing properties. Furthermore, cotton is soft and supple, perfect for lovely. The duvet cover is packed in a beautiful, luxurious box. At the bottom, the cover has a double continuous tuck-in strip. The brand is a proud partner of BCI, the Better Cotton Initiative, for better cotton cultivation worldwide.

Rivièra Maison is a traditional Dutch brand that stands for exclusivity, warmth and atmosphere. Rivièra Maison is more than a brand, they can provide a strong experience of 'a way of life'. Light colors are alternated with dark colors so that the brand fits into both modern and classic house styles.

A duvet cover keeps your duvet fresher for longer. It beautifies our bed and bedroom. Duvet covers are available in many different designs and they also differ in material. One fabric offers a warm night's sleep while the other provides cooling while sleeping.

This product bears the BCI quality mark. The Better Cotton Initiative focuses on making simple cotton production more sustainable. The focus is on the balance between and the well-being of people and the environment. BCI bedding complies with environmental, safety and human rights guidelines.

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